Nov 12, 2015

Unlock 45 percent of hidden re-engagements with Universal Reattribution

Granular Reattribution

App users can be notoriously fickle: one day they’re all over your app, and the next day they’ve moved on. And just as quickly, they can come right back after being prompted by any kind of campaign. When these inactive users are successfully re-engaged you naturally want to know where they’ve come from. But this kind of insight is typically lost – most analytics tools can’t tell you which users are coming back, despite the potential for your marketing outreach to re-activate such lost or churned users.

While we’ve always tracked your re-engagements for campaigns you mark as retargeting or re-engagement efforts, we wanted to unlock the hidden 45 % of re-engagements coming from campaigns that haven’t been explicitly designated for these purposes. With our new Universal Reattribution tool, you no longer have tell us to find these returning users: instead, we’ll automatically record and reattribute them. The result is a holistic overview of these re-engaged users, the sources they came from and what their in-app behavior resembles – all in real time, and for every campaign.

How it works

So when a user installs your app, we’ll attribute them to a particular segment that reflects the nature of their acquisition. These users – inactive users returning via a marked retargeting or re-engagement campaign – are then reattributed onto segments that reflect their reacquisition channels.

With Universal Reattributions, you no longer need to explicitly mark these campaigns: we now reattribute your re-engaged users onto these new segments regardless of whether the campaign they click is marked or not. As always, these new segments will reflect the behavior of reattributed users – where they came from, what they are doing, and what ads are bringing them back.

In other words, all those reattributions lost in a shuffle of campaign clicks will now come to the forefront. You’ll benefit from a whopping 45 % increase in recorded and analyzed re-engagements coming in across the board.

Reattribution out of the box

So how do you set up Universal Reattributions?

It’s pretty simple, actually: you don’t. When you set your reattribution window, Universal Reattribution will happen automatically each time an inactive user opens your app. The entirety of the work is on our end. We’re matching every incoming session with a corresponding incoming click, right as they happen.

And remember – the Adjust Push API is firing reattribution callbacks every time a Universal Reattribution registers, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Want more details on Universal Reattributions?

As always, you can check out our docs for a more a comprehensive overview.