Sep 29, 2016

App Store Search Ads are out!

Apple Search Ads are now available to all app developers & Adjust tracks them from day one.

Search Ads for the App Store were confirmed at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year. The new program allows you to place ads in the search results in the App Store.

As we announced over email a few months ago, these ads will be automatically analyzed by Adjust. Once you start running Search Ads in the App Store, the campaigns show up in your Adjust dashboard as soon as users start converting. For each keyword, you’ll be able to see how many users installed your app, and how engaged those users are with your app.

Users who click on a Search Ad, and then go on to install the app, will be attributed back to the individual campaign and keyword they were searching for. Any in-app events that these users triggers will also be summed up for each of these campaigns.

You must have integrated the iAd framework into your SDK in order to track Search Ads. This is typically in the default integration, but double-check with your engineers just in case!