Nov 6, 2020

Adjust’s Blacklist Tracker API now supports callbacks

Adjust’s Blacklist Tracker API lets you block traffic from fraudulent or outdated tracker URLs. This ensures you maintain the integrity of your dataset and strict control over your data sources.

With our latest update, Adjust now blocks non-publisher callbacks to partners and networks, including module callbacks and dynamic callbacks. This means that any callbacks sent to an endpoint that is not your own can be blacklisted. So, once you stop running a campaign with a partner or network, you can ensure that they don’t continue to receive session or event callbacks for active users that were attributed to them. Ultimately, this means that you have more control over your end-users data protection.

You don’t need to do anything extra to block callbacks. We’ve extended the Blacklist Tracker API so that blocking callbacks is included for all your blacklisted trackers.

Ready to block more fraudulent or outdated trackers? Visit our Help Center for more information about our Blacklist Tracker API, or contact with any questions.