Sep 20, 2018

Blacklisting is now available for trackers

Our latest blacklisting feature gives you the ability to stop campaigns running on fraudulent or outdated sources.

If a tracker is blacklisted, Adjust will no longer count clicks or impressions from the blacklisted tracker or any sublevel trackers, and attribution will not occur to blacklisted sources.

Clicks received before the tracker was blacklisted will still convert within the attribution window if a matching install is found. For instance, if you receive a click on day one, blacklist the tracker on day 2, and then receive an install matching the click on day 3 until day 7, that install will register on the tracker.

This update provides our clients with greater control over their own data and ensures that fraudulent networks will no longer receive information or paid engagements.

Getting started

Our documentation can help explain in detail how to get started with our API. Click here to be taken to it.

You can remove the blacklist on trackers as well, find out how to do so here.

An update to the UI

When a tracker is blacklisted, a box with ‘BLACKLISTED’ will appear, as shown below:

In further tracker settings, you have the possibility of archiving the tracker, but you cannot change the attribution settings, nor change the network input. This is shown below:

More information

Both settings work at the network, campaign and ad group level.

Blacklisting is available to clients at Business Pro, Enterprise, and Flat rates.

For technical documentation, please click here.