Nov 3, 2016

Introducing engagement cohorts - filter by installs and/or re-attributions

Cohort Reattribution

Today we’re excited to announce an important upgrade to our cohort tool. With our ongoing support and measurement of all your retargeting and re-engagement campaigns, we know that being able to easily view and analyse your re-attributed users alongside your custom KPI’s is vitally important.

Starting today, you’ll now be able to select a “Conversion Type” within the cohort filter. With just one click, you can choose between Installs, Reattributions, or view all of your Installs and Reattributions together.

You’ll easily be able to distinguish the users coming from your user acquisition campaigns from the users coming from your re-engagement campaigns. This new visualization also allows you to quickly pinpoint which campaigns are driving the best performance in line with your own KPIs, target your inactive users, and also compare and analyse your segments more effectively.

And of-course, all the data in your cohort is there in real-time, so you can quickly adjust your ad spend and re-engagement campaigns accordingly. One important note is we can only separate the installs and re-attributions of cohorts for time periods after October 1st 2016, anything before that will be automatically combined. To check it out, just go to the cohort analysis tab in adjust dashboard and select the Conversion type you wish to view and you’re all set.

Like what you see? You can also save your custom reports to view them later.

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