May 16, 2018

Ad spend initiative: We’re integrated with Snapchat

Today we’re proud to announce that Adjust will now receive ad spend data directly from Snapchat.

In 2017 we launched a plan to change the way you receive ad spend data. For many networks, we’ve developed an ad spend API – a discrete, asynchronous, server-to-server API connection between networks and Adjust. By allowing networks to send ad spend data the moment they can confirm the actual cost of the engagement (rather than before the fact), the API significantly reduces the amount of discrepancies in ad spend data.

In order to join our ad spend initiative, we require every network to pass a strict audit, during which they must send us at least two very high-volume/high-value campaigns which run for at least two weeks. We comb through the data ourselves to ensure that each campaign is sending the correct cost parameters, with less than five percent discrepancies.

Our ad spend integration with Snapchat is a little different. Snapchat is a self-attributing network. They perform their own attribution on their traffic (independently of Adjust) and notify us of which installs they claim as belonging to them. This doesn’t mean we let them grade their own homework; we compare their data to that of other networks to verify that each claimed engagement falls within the attribution window designated by the client and choose the best one. In order to bring our clients ad spend data from Snapchat, we worked together with them to integrate their custom reporting API

“Snapchat’s marketing engine is a powerful one; their mobile advertising strategy is impressively efficient and continues to grow. It was a natural fit for us to bring them onto our platform, and we’re very happy to have them on board.” - Hector Satre, Adjust’s VP of Product

To develop the technology, we listened to concerns in our industry. At our Think Tanks and Mobile Spree conference, you told us you had to spend hours manually compiling cost data from multiple sources in a single spreadsheet. You explained that sometimes you knew where your campaigns were running without understanding how you were actually performing from site to site. You said there was too much room for human error in the current system, that you spent hours trying to straighten out the nomenclature between different networks.

Every component of our ad spend initiative is designed to meet the highest global standards for both transparency and privacy. Fully compliant with Europe’s toughest privacy laws (the GDPR), we provide mobile advertisers with cost data all the way down to the level they require– providing an unmatched level of transparency into the true cost of paid marketing campaigns. We’re handing the controls back to mobile marketers everywhere, so they can make better choices with their own data.

If there are networks that you’d like to see get on board with ad spend at Adjust, please reach out now to your friendly, local Adjust integration wizard at and we’ll work some magic!