Apr 29, 2015

Converting your currencies for impeccable revenue tracking

Right on the heels of releasing our pull API in beta, we’d also like to present the next step on our roadmap: full-on, automatic currency conversion. Supporting over 165 currencies (including gold and silver, if you’re into that), this is by far the most straightforward way of tracking and aggregating revenues across the world. You also have full options to deliver and report exactly the right currency data to your partners on the fly.

It’s really simple. In your revenue event tracking, you add the currency token, as sent to you from e.g. your payments provider. Pass this on to us, and we’ll store and calculate the correct revenue amounts for you.

In your reporting, you can select any particular currency that suits you. This is the currency we’ll display in your reporting, and you can further access the original currency values, as well as a base value in USD, through the callbacks API.