Sep 17, 2018

Newly added: Custom event sorting

In this latest update, we’ve created the ability for users to sort their events manually, giving them the choice on how their events are ordered.

Up until now, the list of events in our deliverables tab was sorted according to how clients input event names in order of date that event was created. This meant that our clients had to download data and reorganize their events in order to perform a top-to-bottom funnel analysis.

Now, with our update, all clients can change the event sequence with drag-and-drop functionality. To do so, click on the filter icon and then click on ‘Column Selection’. Now, just click, hold and move the six dot icon to re-order them. To save the order, create a view within the dashboard.

This update will provide greater utility for any app marketer who wants to perform a full funnel analysis within the dashboard. Our clients will be able to easily see the journey of the events they set, from registration, to levelling, and finally in-app purchase.

If you have more questions, our technical documentation can help.