Sep 2, 2019

Accurate device detection with DeviceAtlas

We’ve partnered with DeviceAtlas to deliver clients more accurate device detection.

Our partnership with DeviceAtlas, the industry leader in device detection, means that we can provide customers with much richer device information. This new integration will make a slight change to the device type information you receive. While customers will still see the same number of devices, the device type will be displayed more accurately.

How does it work?

Adjust will still utilize the user agent, but instead of displaying that data, we send it to DeviceAtlas who interpret and send back device type information. The data we send to DeviceAtlas covers all activities (this includes clicks, impressions, installs, sessions and events).

Newly-enriched device information is available to all clients, and is compliant with current privacy regulations.

If you’d like to know more, please reach out to our Support team for further information.