Mar 26, 2015

Facebook Launches Analytics Tools

At Facebook’s F8 event, Facebook announced a new and updated suite of tools for analytics, for Facebook campaigns as well as for a select set of traffic partners. Naturally, Facebook analytics is a topic close to our hearts, and we wanted to publicly address some of the key questions this raises.

What functionality do the new Facebook tools offer?

Facebook introduced Analytics for Apps, which includes attribution as well as the conversion and event logging that has previously been available through the Facebook platform. The new solution addresses a number of key problems that Facebook is in a good place to work with - such as cross-device attribution.

For reference, consider Facebook’s Power Editor: a campaign management tool akin to what all the other social media management platforms are doing (like AdParlor, Adobe, Nanigans, etc.). Today’s release of Facebook’s analytics tool is the company expanding their offering to mirror what they do in campaign management. Since we’ve been in the adtech space, we’ve seen the landscape of campaign optimization tools develop (along with our own analytics and attribution technology), so this is really just the next natural progression for a maturing ad management platform.

What does this mean for people working with adjust?

The Analytics for Apps offering is a complement to Facebook’s already excellent suite of tools for driving ads and user acquisition, and analytics has always been a key component of successful user acquisition.

This offering is provided in addition to the Facebook Marketing Partners, and will not replace or compete with Facebook Marketing Partners in any direct sense.

Further, we support better analytics from Facebook. Facebook strategically scopes its solution to more effectively track campaigns and across a select set of integrated partners. Our customers rely on our software to offer a comprehensive solution for measuring performance across hundreds of integrated partners securely and efficiently (such as Google, Twitter, Apple iAds), and this won’t change with today’s news.

Remember that we offer support around the clock worldwide - so if you have any questions, feel free to ping us at

What does this mean for the industry?

Facebook’s announcement reflects the growth of the app marketing category and its major importance in the overall digital advertising space. adjust has been a long term partner with Facebook, and that isn’t changing with today’s news. We will continue to work closely with Facebook around the world.