Nov 25, 2019

Get more out of cohorts: extended timeframes and ad revenue data

Cohort analysis is one of the most powerful ways to understand your users’ behavior over time—and it just got even better.

With extended cohort periods and cohorted ad revenue KPIs, you can see how users engage with your app and generate ad revenue over longer periods of time.

Extended cohort periods

We’re proud to offer all clients the most extensive cohort periods in the industry—up to 120 days, 52 weeks, or any number of months. (That’s a 400% increase!)

Use this setting to see level-up data from users who installed your app within the past 6 months, the number of purchases made up to a year after install, and more.

Cohorted ad revenue data

If you have Adjust’s ad revenue package, you can now review the following cohort KPIs:

  • Ad revenue
  • Ad revenue total
  • Ad RPM (revenue per 1000 impressions)
  • All revenue (in-app + ad revenue)
  • All revenue total
  • All revenue per user

This lets pull your app revenue results into focus right down to the user level.

Dive into your cohorts data

Ready to get started? Go to your Cohorts reporting in Adjust to customize your preferences:

  • To change your cohort timeframe, select Last 30 days
  • To see the new cohort KPIs (with Adjust’s ad revenue package), select Filter (funnel icon) > KPI Selection