Feb 23, 2017

See every marketing metric by the hour (or day, week, month)

Hourly Updates

We promised, and so shall ye receive: the Adjust dashboard now includes full group-by options for hourly data. Every graph, chart and report in the dashboard now has a brand new “Group By” option, and while we were at it, we snuck in the options for daily, weekly, and monthly data as well.

So from today on, you can see how any app marketing KPI or metric develops not just by the day, but by the specific hour. There’s a series of new questions that can be answered with Adjust:

  • Does your mobile advertising campaign have a higher conversion rate in the morning, or in the afternoon?
  • Are more purchases made after lunch – and if so, should you focus your re-engagement to that period of time?
  • Did the new copy you just put live affect how often new users complete the tutorial or onboarding?

Of course, any of these graphs or reports can show the hourly marketing metrics by advertising campaign or channel, by country, or by platform as well.

To see it in action, open any of your charts and find the group by options in the top bar (with the default typically set to “Day” or “Week”). Then, to download a new hourly report, open up the report download dialog and pick “Hour” as the granularity.

This is part of our push to Measurement 2.0 and one result of rebuilding our database for Hourly Aggregation. Did you know that we can now also support reporting in any timezone, at any time? With Hourly Aggregation, your reporting is 24 times more granular.

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As always, if you have any questions or feedback, just reach out to our team at any time.