Aug 1, 2016

Pull overviews and group results from multiple apps over API

Multiple apps over API

You can now query overview data of multiple apps at once using our pull API, the KPI Service, using a new endpoint the engineering team just launched.

In true creative API fashion, we’re calling it the “Multiple-Apps-Overview” endpoint, and it does just that.

With the new endpoint, you’re able to request general metrics - such as number of installs, sessions, users and so on - as an overview for multiple apps at once.

You can also group these requests not only by app but also per tracker or per date - meaning that you can query performance for the same network across multiple apps. Groupings combine just as well as they do on any other KPI Service query.

Check out the docs here.

BTW, did you know that there’s an R client and a command-line interface for the KPI Service?