Sep 01, 2020

Simpler and Smarter: Important Deeplink Improvements

In recent months the Adjust team has been hard at work developing not one but two exciting updates to deeplink functionality and management. These changes streamline processes and offer actionable new insights into how your users interact with deeplinks. Let’s dive in.

Simplified multiplatform universal link setup

Previously, multi-platform universal links required complex configuration to support both iOS and Android platforms. Whether you were working with a multiplatform app or cross-platform tracker, you needed to add both your iOS and Android in-app paths to the universal link -- even if they were the same. This could lead to double or even triple encoding and unnecessarily long strings.

What’s changed

Adjust now lets you easily save your Android app scheme in the dashboard. This streamlines deeplink setup when your iOS and Android apps share the same in-app paths. Now, you just need to append the path and query parameters to your universal link and Adjust can automatically apply them to Android.

What does this mean for you? Creating and managing your universal links is easier than ever. The simplified setup saves valuable time while also reducing the risk of human error. Read how to set up a multiplatform universal link to find out more.

Track clicks from universal links and direct deeplinks for installed apps

Clients who run remarketing campaigns using universal links or direct deeplinks appended have always faced one issue: there is no way to track clicks when the app is already installed. This is because the redirect never goes to Adjust servers.

Our latest update solves this issue. Now, these clicks contribute to your click KPI in the dashboard and can also be included in your raw data. So, to track links for installed apps, make sure you’ve enabled the click callback or added the click event to your CSV uploads.

Want even more in-depth analysis of your click data? You can now use the {is_deeplink_click} placeholder to identify the specific clicks that originated from a deeplink SDK click.

How you can leverage this

Access to click data for apps that are already installed offers exciting new opportunities for marketers.

You can have a better overview of the total number of clicks your remarketing ads receive, and you can use this data to make important calculations. For example, calculate your click-to-reattribution conversion rate for a more accurate measurement of campaign effectiveness.

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