Jun 23, 2015

Sweet new uniqueness setting for in-app events

Increased Deduplication Power

We’ve deployed some additional deduplication power: event types can now be flagged as unique, meaning that our servers will track whether or not a particular user has triggered an event before, and analyze it accordingly.

This is particularly handy for those quirky types of interactions, when your app isn’t necessarily entirely aware of the context - think of user registrations that look like logins, or specific types of purchase events that you’d like to analyse a little separately. Simply letting us handle this sort of deduplication can significantly simplify your SDK integration and analysis.

This setting can be found in your Events screen by hitting “Edit” next to an event in your list, opening the “Advanced settings” and dragging the slider to “ON”. You can at any time set this or reverse it as you wish, to give you the best possible control of how your in-app events are analyzed.

In-app events are tracked free of charge with adjust and come with a sweet suite of cohort and retention tools, as well as finely-grained API filtering with either push or pull APIs.

Check out the docs right here.