Apr 21, 2017

Easier debugging with Adjust's Testing Console

Testing your marketing campaigns, or triple-checking a new app feature? We’ve integrated our device inspection tools into the dashboard to make that easier for everyone.

If you’re ever triple-checking a specific integration with your app, you can use the Testing Console to check everything we know for a device about any given app: what marketing campaign is attributed for test conversions, what time we registered the click, what API identifiers are used, and so on. This device data is, of course, pseudonymous and only valid for a specified app.

Just punch your advertiser ID (whether it’s the IDFA or the Google Play ADID) into the new pane in your dashboard, and we’ll bring everything out for you. We also have a handy app for retrieving your advertiser IDs!

Finally, the Testing Console also allows you to purge a device from our records. This enables you to test multiple times with the same device, without applying logic like inactivity windows or reattribution.

Since it’s a powerful feature, access to the Testing Console is limited to admins and editors.

This comes in handy when you’re checking the Adjust integration in a marketing campaign and ensuring that you’re attributed correctly, or testing a new feature in your app to make sure it’s integrated with Adjust in the right way.