Dec 14, 2017

Special Partner announcement: A new integration with Naver

Today we'd like to announce a new special partner: Naver, the number one search engine operating in Korea.

Naver owns 75 percent of search market share in the region, with 16 million daily active users, and over 37 million registered users. The company has the highest amount of desktop ad spend in the region (₩112.14bn in H1 of 2017). Naver is also one of the most popular video services in Korea.

As part of our special partners programme, Naver joins the ranks of Facebook, Google and LINE as a major ad network with a deeper integration with Adjust. Naver is one of over 1000 networks that integrate directly with our mobile attribution service.

For more information, please read our documentation on integrating with Naver, here. If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about what this could mean for you, please can find our contact details here.