Nov 18, 2015

Introducing Kudos Partners: Chartboost, Amazon, Fiksu and more

We’ve always worked to make network integration as seamless and convenient as possible, and now we’ve decided to extend this line of thinking to our partner setups as well: we’ve added Kudos Partners as the newest level in our current list of integrated networks.

Each partner you integrate with adjust has different systems and different capabilities. To use each of their systems to their fullest extents, you need an integration system that is adaptive and customizable from the get-go.

Usually, when you’re using adjust, you’d never tell. Our ever-growing network integrations team works directly with campaign managers and engineers at each of our partners to help them configure template setups, so all you need to do is create a tracker and send it across.

Yet this is an area that’s ripe for automation. Kudos partners are our way of encouraging partners to automate and integrate even further, using the dynamic API to its fullest extent.

What’s a Kudos Partner?

Kudos Partners are networks we’ve worked alongside to build tools on their end that will recognize and auto-append a network’s own macros to adjust’s tracker URLs, automating the dynamic integration workflow.

In our first Kudos Partners rollout, we’re extremely pleased to announce that we’ve partnered up with companies including Chartboost, Amazon, Fiksu, AdColony, DAU-UP, Ingenious Technologies, Splicky and Trademob.

The “Kudos” title denotes that we’ve worked alongside them to create these systems and know they’re up and running. In other words, this program is essentially the latest application of our general philosophy to “streamline everything.”

Benefit from fast results

With the vast majority of analytics solutions, modifications and integrations of this type would take ages to complete. But, thanks to building APIs that quickly handle a multitude of complex cases, clients and networks can see programs like this lift off in little to no time.

And in the same vein, we’re committed to extending the program – so expect new Kudos Partners to keep coming.