Nov 30, 2016

Creating your tracking links just got a whole lot easier

Psssst! We’ve been paying attention, we heard that building your tracking links could sometimes be a pain.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of our very own Tracker Wizard, which takes the guesswork, the text editing, and total hassle out of building your tracking links.

How you can build links with adjust’s Tracker Wizard

With the new Tracker Wizard tool, you’re able to quickly and painlessly create tracker links, with no extra steps taken by either you or your network partner.'

All you need to do is create a tracker, name it, link to the network of your choice, and all the campaign structure parameters will be filled in for you, you can then choose to add in additional parameters like a label, any deep link you want to use, fallbacks and even redirects, all right within the tool.

Once you’re done, hit ‘create’ and your tracker link is ready to go - use either the generated click URL or the impression URL, or use both, the choice is yours.

This means all your network partner needs to do is simply add their postback to the end. With any of our special partners, this is also already in-built using their dashboard modules – this all stays the same, so your current integrations are unchanged. It’s really that simple!

We’ve already integrated and are beta testing the Tracker Wizard with AOL, Adcolony, Altrooz, Beintoo, Criteo, Chartboost, DataLift, Fyber, IronSource, Jampp, Motive Interactive, Pinterest, Raftika, Tapjoy, Vungle, YeahMobi, and over 20 more, and we’ll continue to beta test with new networks. We’ll be adding more partners to the Tracker Wizard over the coming weeks.

Before the Tracker Wizard

Previously, you would name a tracker in the dashboard, creating a link to pass on to your network partner.

The link would look something like this:

Then either you or your network partner would need to manually add in the campaign structure parameters.

With the link looking something like this:

You could then also manually append any fallbacks, deep links, or labels you wanted for the campaign.

This manual process is still available – so if you’re comfortable working with the links directly, feel free to continue with your present workflow. The Tracker Wizard is there to make creating these links easier while maintaining the flexibility that’s at the core of the adjust platform.

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