Dec 02, 2020

Measure Roku connected TV campaigns with Adjust

OTT media is part of a changing global trend in how people consume content — and connected TV (CTV) is right at the forefront of this.

Adjust’s first-class attribution and in-app event reporting solution is already available for some of the most popular CTV platforms, such as Apple, Android, and Amazon. With our latest Roku integration, we extend that support even further.

Adjust’s CTV app measurement support

With the Adjust SDK, you can measure campaigns with popular CTV apps in the same way as you do for mobile apps. When SDK support is unavailable, you can use a server-to-server integration.

Use the table to see which CTV providers Adjust can measure with, and how.

Device brand Operating system name + type Operating system provider Adjust SDK compatibility S2S integration
Asus, DirecTV (AT&T), Hisense, LGE, Philips, Sharp, Skyworth, Sony, TCL, Toshiba, Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV Android Google Compatible Not required
Amazon Fire TV Fire OS Android Amazon Compatible Not required
Apple TV (TV box) tvOS iOS Apple Compatible Not required
Hisense, Hitachi, Philips, Sanyo, Sharp, TCL Roku OS Linux Roku Incompatible Yes
Panasonic Firefox OS Linux Mozilla Incompatible On request

Adjust’s Roku integration

Roku is one of the most popular mobile app vendors in the world with more than 20K apps and counting, and with Adjust you can now track and attribute your native Roku traffic.

With the Roku module enabled in your Adjust Dashboard, you can set up server-to server attribution between Adjust and Roku. This lets you track and attribute all installs and post-install events coming from Roku devices.

The benefits of CTV app campaigns

CTV represents a new way to reach millions of users as more people use Smart TVs to stream entertainment at home and on their mobiles. Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy when you work with Adjust to measure CTV app campaigns.

Calculate ROI and LTV

Identify the users who interact with your app, and spot patterns and conversion trends. Use the user lifecycle to better optimize for retention and re-engagement.

Improve your app experience

Build personalized campaigns fueled by in-app event tracking data. Drive adoption of your CTV app by understanding user flows and identifying pain points.

Leverage Subscription tracking

Combine CTV app measurement with Adjust’s Subscription tracking package to capture the whole user journey in your CTV app. Use insights to reduce churn and optimize for re-engagement.

Get started

Ready to start tracking your next CTV app campaign with Adjust? Visit our Help Center for an overview of how to set up campaigns with the Adjust SDK, or take a look at our guide to setting up the Roku integration in Adjust.