Aug 24, 2015

Easier management of your multi-platform apps

Multiplatform apps setup

Changes deployed today make it easier to create and manage apps that are built with frameworks like Unity or Cordova, and deployed on multiple platforms using a single code base. You can now add stores on-the-fly to your app - automatically crunching the data for your apps, redirecting your users to the correct stores, and allowing you to filter all of your statistics by any platform at any time. This setup was previously available primarily through our support teams.

This is in addition to the standard flow of creating separate apps for each code base, and together, they give you finely-tuned control and optimal mechanics for each of your codebases.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • multiplatform apps automatically redirect users to the right store; standard trackers for single-platform apps bundle together to use the same logic;
  • statistics can always be filtered by platform, and easily compared, whether multi- or single-platform;
  • and naturally, each method has the same set of solid analytics, cohort analysis, and platform-tailored attribution.

Apps on Unity, Cordova, or similar frameworks can be configured by simply adding multiple stores in your App Settings.