Jul 11, 2017

New Google API launch: An updated timeline

Back in May, we announced that Google launched a brand new API with their App Attribution Partner program, giving app developers a new way to integrate with AdWords campaigns. We told you that your existing campaigns would continue to run on the older module until they were migrated over. For those of you who are curious about an update on that timeline, we’re happy to report that these migrations will be taking place over the next few months.

What’s changing with this update? Adjust will now support cost data with this new API - which means you’ll be able to see your ad spend directly in your dashboard. In addition, a simplified single Link ID will replace the previous set of conversion IDs, making measurement an easier affair. Your campaign structure and tracker URLs will automatically generate and update as soon as your Link ID is set up within the new module. This means your setup will be completed in a few simple steps and apply to all AdWords inventory except iOS Search and mGDN campaigns. Finally, we've been testing for months and this new API will vastly reduce potential discrepancies.

Please do not self-migrate. We have been working with Google directly on this process and it is crucial that you wait for the migration. For more details about your specific date, we recommend that you ask your Google support team or account manager. We continue to work closely with them to make this as smooth as possible. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.

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