Feb 07, 2018

New placeholders for iAd

We’ve made a small update to our placeholders in response to new parameters created by Apple. The change only affects campaigns run via Apple Search Ads.

Recently, Apple added two new parameters to Search Ads, namely `iad-conversion-type` and `iad-keyword-matchtype`. Because of this new behavior, we have introduced our new placeholders to cover the change. They’re fully listed below:

{iad_conversion_type} includes these two values:

  • "Download" - for when an app has been downloaded for the first time on the device.
  • "ReDownload" - for when an app is downloaded for a second, third (or so on) time on the device.

{iad_keyword_matchtype} can contain these two values:

  • "Broad” - when synonyms and relative variants have been considered.
  • "Exact" - when exact match has only been considered ignoring synonyms and relatives.

In this current iteration, the update will be available for install and reattribution callbacks.

For more on placeholders, you can find our current list of them all, here.