May 29, 2017

Deployed: Easier, more reliable measurement with Google

At Google I/O, Google announced the launch of their App Attribution Partner program. This is a brand new way for measurement platforms like Adjust to integrate with Adwords campaigns. It’s a whole lot smoother and much easier to set up.

Underlying the new program is a brand new API, which improves the way that app measurement platforms connect to AdWords. We’ve been working closely with Google to set up a new module for the updated app conversions API.

Just as before, you’ll be able to measure all your core campaign metrics - conversion rates, retention rates, events triggered, session lengths and so on - from AdWords campaigns within the Adjust dashboard.

  • Measurement for AdWords is easier to implement and update, in part thanks to a simplified Link ID replacing the previous sets of conversion IDs.
  • Your campaign structure and tracker URLs will automatically generate and update as soon as the Link ID is set up within the module.
  • The tracker structure and segments in your dashboard will contain the full campaign names in addition to the campaign IDs we’ve had thus far, saving you from cross-referencing outside of the Adjust dashboard.

Your existing campaigns will continue to run on the older module until they are migrated, so there’s no rush to the migration going. As a caveat, the new API is not yet available for iOS Search or mGDN campaigns.