Jul 10, 2017

Say hello to dash.adjust.com

Today is a hallmark day for us at Adjust, we deprecated our very first dashboard from 2012 - adjust.com/myapps - a few weeks ago, and today we’re excited to introduce a brand new dashboard with enhanced UI – dash.adjust.com.

We’ve come a long way since our first dashboard, at the beginning of 2016 we launched next.adjust.com, making the interface 3x faster and the UI easier to navigate with better use of screen space. We also overhauled the apps overview and settings to make it easier to make changes as well as adding the ability to create unlimited custom reporting views, sort campaigns, all with an updated interface.

With dash.adjust.com, the setup and organization you’ve grown accustomed to in next.adjust.com is unchanged, you will find improvements on the color scheme and your ability to zoom in on your statistics. You’ll still be able to access next.adjust.com for a limited time and switch between the two dashboards, however it will also be going the way of the dodo eventually too.

All reports now come with a new and improved color scheme, making it easier to read your data. This includes a new Focus Mode that zeros in on any data point you hover on within the tables and graphs, allowing you to quickly focus in on the things that matter.

From today you can log into your account on dash.adjust.com to see these UI changes. You can also switch back to next.adjust.com at any time by clicking the button at the bottom of the apps menu page.

Any feedback you have is most appreciated, as we consider this an ‘open beta’.

What are you waiting for? Login to your account to try it out.