Aug 3, 2016

Send new users to deeplinks with the latest Adjust Unity SDK

Multiple apps over API

The latest release of the Adjust Unity SDK adds another great feature: deferred deep linking, which allows apps to send new users to a specific deep link right after the install.

With Adjust, you would embed a tracking link with an attached deep link to your ad campaigns, in an e-mail, or use the link directly on your website. The platform would send users with the app installed right to the app, and those who don’t have the app installed to the App Store. After users install the app, you’re able to redirect them onto the original deep link.

Deferred deep linking has been available in our other SDKs for a while, but is now also being added to the Unity SDK.

The trick with Unity (although also one of the great advantages) is that it’s cross-platform. Unity apps can be deployed on both iOS and Android with fundamentally the same code base. This means that Unity apps need to support the distinct iOS and Android implementations of deep linking.

For Unity apps, adjust also automatically redirects users to Google Play or the iTunes App Store (depending on their platform). All of your reporting can then be filtered and analyzed separately on the basis of platform.