Jul 26, 2018

Three updates to Campaign Wizard

We’ve added three improvements to Campaign Wizard, creating additional functionality for our clients and for the tool. This functionality only refers to updates to Campaign Wizard itself.

New parameter 1: fallback_click

Our first new parameter has been created for clients who want to be able to override last-click attribution in order to attribute to the previous source when a user is redirected to a specific location before store open.

To add this parameter, open up Campaign Wizard, and in the menu titled "Additional Parameters", search for "Fallback Click" and you’ll see it available.

The default for this toggle will be switched off. So, to activate, turn it on.

For more, take a look at our documentation, here.

New parameter 2: fallback_lp

With this second new parameter, you can display custom landing pages for users on iOS 10.3 and above.

Previously, the default Adjust landing page would be shown to users who click ads in Safari. With this new parameter, a custom page can be inserted into Campaign Wizard, displaying the content you want.

To begin, open Campaign Wizard, and navigate to ‘Additional Parameters’. Here, you should see an additional tab reading ‘Fallback Landing Page’ behind the fallback tab. Next, insert the link you want pointing to the relevant landing page.

For more, click here.

Partner install callbacks

Our first new feature automatically appends network install callbacks to the tracker URL, allowing our clients to send the complete tracker URLs to partners without extra manual work to append callbacks themselves.

To do this, first select a network in the drop-down menu found in Campaign Wizard (located in the ‘Tracker’ section of the app), then save the setting. After this, the tracker URL with encoded install callback should be displayed.

For more information, click here.