Feb 5, 2018

Tracker tokens are growing: From six figures to seven

As the number of apps we track increases, so too does the length of our tracker tokens: from six figures to seven.

With 8,124 new apps being tracked in 2017, we wanted to improve the way we handled trackers for our continually expanding client base. With six characters, we currently have a potential 2,176,782,336 tracking links. Now, with the extension, that number raises to 78,364,164,096 - a 3500 percent increase in the available number of tokens in all. This limit should be reached eventually, but not for a long time in the future.

How could this affect me?

Any existing trackers will remain the same, keeping their 6 digit token. Only newly created trackers will have 7 digits.

As such, this shouldn’t have any effect on you, unless you’re one of a handful of clients and partners who may have validation rules excluding tokens beyond six-digit codes. If you believe that you may have these rules in place, it’s important to check with your tech team to find out if you do currently have exclusion rules enabled. If they exist, it may lead to an issue when this change is fully applied, so they would have to be altered to include the extra figure.

The extension will take place March 1st, 2018. We will begin with a slow roll-out that won’t affect all links at once. Instead, tokens will be altered over time.