Sep 22, 2016

Reveal further conversion insights with view-through attribution for Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

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We’re rolling out view-through (impression-based) attribution for your mobile app installation campaigns on Facebook. Users that have seen one of your mobile app install ads on Facebook, and then proceeded to download your app without clicking the ad itself, can now be credited to your mobile app install Facebook campaigns.

With this new feature, you’ll unlock an entire audience of users that have converted from your Facebook campaigns. This gives you a more complete picture of attribution from advertising.

The newly-revealed conversions will give you further evidence to support your conclusions about the performance of different creatives, copy, or audiences. These insights will ultimately let you make quicker and more confident changes to your ad campaigns to get more bang for your buck.

We’ve worked with view-through attribution for some time now, and we have strict requirements with our partners on how these views and impressions are tracked. As with all of our attribution settings, you can activate view-through attribution separately in your dashboard. We regard ad impressions as a weaker signal than clicks, meaning that we apply a shorter attribution window. By default, this window is 24 hours.

View-through attribution can be activated or deactivated in your attribution settings. The option to activate view-through attribution is available to all accounts on the Business package or above.