Oct 20, 2016

Visualizing the effectiveness of your mobile marketing – with adjust's brand new charts

A picture is worth a thousand words. We’re excited to unveil the brand new dashboard charts to you today. The charting section has been completely overhauled, rethinking the way you explore your data and discover the trends that gives your marketing campaigns an edge.The new charts and grouping by country and platform are available to everyone starting today. Log in and check them out!

Here are the key changes:

  • Data can now be grouped by marketing channel, country, and platform in both the charts and the tables.
  • In the charts, pick and select which marketing channels, country, or platform to show in the graph using the menu on the right hand side. You can choose up to six segments to display at the same time. In the list, just click the “+” or “-“ button to select a tracker to display. The search bar makes it easy to find specific trackers, too.
  • Hover over a date on the chart to see the specific values in the boxes above.
  • Drill down into any marketing channel right from the charts – so if a pattern stands out to you, just drill deeper to see which channels are driving that behaviour. Click on the tracker name to open up the subtrackers of that segment.
  • See something you like? Just hit the “download” button to get a CSV export of the exact dataset you’re looking at.
  • Focus mode! Click any of the boxes above the chart to hone in on a specific tracker. This looks awesome when you’re illustrating a specific point, for example in front of your team or slide deck.

Just as before, you can filter to specific attribution models, countries, and platforms with the filter panel, which swings out when you hit the Filter button in the top right.

Linear or logarithmic?

Our charts have all used logarithmic y-scales in the past, meaning that the pixels near the top of the chart represent greater quantities than the pixels near the bottom. Logarithmic scales are good to represent multiple sets of data that are really different in terms of scale.

For example, if you are comparing the weekly trends of organic sessions to a smaller channel, like a specific campaign. The absolute number of organic sessions will completely eclipse the smaller channel. In this case, a linear chart isn’t very helpful: it’ll just show a tiny flat line at the bottom for your campaign, and the organics will hog up the screen space at the top. With a logarithmic scale, though, the top of the chart accurately shows the development of the organic metric, and the smaller campaign at the bottom remains legible.

Save your favorite charts for later

Find yourself returning for the same charts over and over?

With adjust’s Custom Views, the settings and configurations for any particular chart can be saved by hitting the star button at the upper right, just above the chart.

Here are some ideas:

  • Got someone working on social campaigns? Set up a weekly report for the number of installs driven by social campaigns by selecting all of those trackers and hit the Star button.
  • Making reports for stakeholders? Pull up last month’s MAUs by saving the settings and configurations in a view.
  • Weekly standup? Pull up last week’s figures by using the preset “Last week” date option, your set metrics, and your most important channels.