Feb 4, 2019

Why we killed next.adjust.com

At the beginning of 2016 we launched next.adjust.com, an upgrade to our dashboard that made the interface faster and easier to navigate over its predecessor.

A year later, our dashboard functionality was moved again - this time to dash.adjust.com. At the time, we maintained next.adjust.com, allowing clients to switch between versions. However, it’s now time to end our support of next.adjust.com.

In the coming days, next.adjust.com will be deprecated for all clients using this version of the dashboard. You’ll still be able to access next.adjust.com for a limited time, but on February 28th, next.adjust.com will no longer be available.

This change does not affect clients who have already migrated their work to dash.adjust.com.

All users of next.adjust.com will see a popup over the coming days, counting down the days to deprecation. This message will look like this on the dashboard:

What improvements can I find on dash.adjust.com?

With dash.adjust.com, the setup and organization you’re accustomed to in next.adjust.com is unchanged. However, you will find improvements of the color scheme, and your ability to zoom in on your statistics. This also includes a ‘Focus Mode’ that zeros in on any data point you hover on within the tables and graphs, allowing you to find and analyze key datapoints quickly.