Integrating Adjust's mobile attribution with Google Tag Manager

Had enough of mobile SDKs?

Most SDKs that you get from analytics providers are compiled, meaning you can't see what's happening under the hood. That's a total hassle - which is part of the reason you might want to use Google Tag Manager.

You'll still need the barebones Adjust SDK in your app, even if you use GTM. But unlike the SDKs you're used to, the Adjust SDK is fully open source, so every line code inserted into your app is readable as plain text. You see exactly how it works, where we send your data and what the SDK is collecting.

With GTM, you can simply activate any tag and have it pushed on the fly to Adjust.

Custom events

Any tag you've defined in Google Tag Manager can be completely flexibly represented in adjust. With the GTM integration, you can start sending those events to adjust with the push of a button.

Define the steps and interactions your users make in your app, whether it's signups, purchases or level-ups. We aggregate this data in real-time and crunch KPIs for every feature you define. One line of code lets you know how people use your app.

Each of these interactions can be forwarded to your partners or your own systems via callback, for integration into your campaigns or business intelligence.

Data exports and reporting

Your data can be exported, partially or in full, at your request or at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. From there, you can calculate custom KPIs or produce your own reporting drilled down to each creative, cohort, or country.

With real-time server-to-server callbacks, the circle is completed and your marketing data filed right back into your own systems.

See how it all fits together