Everything you need to maximize your growth

  • Cost data for every level of your campaign, right down to the creative

  • Custom metrics and look at year-round cohorts all the way to day 364

  • All your spend data mapped to attribution without discrepancies

  • All your revenue data including ad revenue and revenue from in-app purchases in one place

  • Workflows that change bids and budgets based on performance

All your data in a single place

Visualize and act on your data at all levels of granularity without having to switch between several dashboards. See ad revenue, in app purchases and ad spend in one place and get insights into your historical data for future analysis.

Make changes to campaign spend and budgets

With over 200 marketing channel integrations, making changes to your campaign bids and budgets has never been easier. You have all the data you need to perform optimizations straight from a our dashboard.

Do more with automation

Automate workflows

A unified view

Flexible reporting

Change bids and budgets

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