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Find out where your most valuable users come from

If you’re running mobile ads to acquire new users, you need a mobile app attribution solution. We’ll match your users to the ads which they came from so you can calculate ROI and spend wisely.

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Optimize performance with in-app analytics

Mobile app analytics are the backbone to making smart decisions. Customize your reporting to your needs and deep dive into user behavior with user-level reporting.

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Keep your data sets accurate and reliable

Proactively prevent mobile ad fraud from draining your budgets and ruining your data sets. It’s insurance that you’ll never need to ask for a charge-back again.

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Prevent in-app bot fraud at scale

Don’t let bots compromise the fair game play of your app. Our bespoke machine learning solution Unbotify, lets you identify bots so your community of users stay happy.

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Save time and do more with automation

Simplify the mechanics of your marketing and save time by automating redundant tasks so you can focus on scaling your user acquisition campaigns.

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Create new targeting segments instantly

Fuel your mobile retargeting with audience segmentation. Segment your users and build dynamic audiences for lookalikes, exclusion targeting, whitelists, blacklists and more.

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Take control of your mobile marketing

Learn more about Adjust’s Attribution, Audience Builder, Analytics, Fraud Prevention Suite, Subscription Tracking and Marketing Automation products to find out how Adjust can help you take full control of your mobile growth.

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