Purchase Verification

Prevent fake in-app purchases from skewing your data

User triggers purchase

Adjust communicates with iOS/ Google Play Store server at the moment of purchase

Purchase verified or rejected in real time

Real-time receipt validation

The high rates at which in-app purchase fraud occurs can severely distort your data – and detecting these purchases manually, after-the-fact at such high volumes requires a substantial time investment from your team.

With real-time verification, your data and revenue numbers are never distorted by faked in-app payments since the purchases are immediately rejected. Purchase Verification data is seamlessly integrated directly into Adjust's Dashboard, giving you additional insights to trends by OS, device type and more – as they happen.

Purchase Verification with Adjust is...


Fully integrated

State-of-the art

Find out more with the Purchase Verification Handbook

Our Purchase Verification Handbook will show you:

  • How Purchase Verification keeps your cohort data clean

  • How you can improve ROI forecasting and user retargeting

  • How you can tackle in-app fraud based on industry data

Find out more about how Purchase Verification can help your app.

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