Keep your revenue data accurate

Purchase Verification

In-app piracy doesn’t just inflate your revenue numbers – it also skews your data. Campaigns built on this inaccurate purchase data net you long-term losses, causing your retargeting efforts and ad spend being subsequently wasted on the wrong users.

Prevent fake in-app purchases from skewing your data

Purchase Verification keeps your app in contact with Adjust's servers through the entire purchase funnel: our Purchase Verification SDK crosschecks every purchase in real time to ensure complete accuracy. The Adjust servers stay in full contact with the Google Play Store and iOS App Store and keep your app in the loop the whole time.

User triggers purchase

Adjust communicates with iOS/ Google Play Store server at the moment of purchase

Purchase verified or rejected in real time

Keep your data accurate with

Real-time receipt validation

The high rates at which in-app purchase fraud occurs can severely distort your data – and detecting these purchases manually, after-the-fact at such high volumes requires a substantial time investment from your team.

With real-time verification, your data and revenue numbers are never distorted by faked in-app payments since the purchases are immediately rejected. Purchase Verification data is seamlessly integrated directly into Adjust's Dashboard, giving you additional insights to trends by OS, device type and more – as they happen.

Purchase Verification with Adjust is...


Fully integrated

State-of-the art

Find out more with the Purchase Verification Handbook

Curious about how in-app purchase fraud affects you? Our comprehensive guide will show you how faked purchases can affect your data and what you can do to protect your app.

Our Purchase Verification Handbook will show you:

  1. How Purchase Verification keeps your cohort data clean
  2. How you can improve ROI forecasting and user retargeting
  3. How you can tackle in-app fraud based on industry data

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