Attribution, User Acquisition, Finance

Case Study: Current

About Current

Current is a leading U.S. challenger bank serving the needs of Americans who have been overlooked by traditional banks. Their mission is to improve financial outcomes with a commitment to providing Current members faster and better access to their money with early direct deposits, free overdraft, points for cash back and access to free ATMs nationwide.

The Challenge

Identifying and targeting their ideal users

Adjust has become a mission-critical tool for Current’s marketing team. Much like many of our other clients, Current relies on Adjust as a source of truth. That in itself is valuable in order to provide reliable performance measurement, which drives decision making and optimization. Without these insights, it would be very difficult for Current to figure out how to improve their user acquisition and grow their app.

Current’s acquisition strategy revolves around social advertising and influencers, with over 10 advertising channels and hundreds of influencer partners to drive growth. Their ideal user is one that enables direct deposits within the Current app. These are users that are the most valuable to Current - as they’re users that have likely committed to using Current as their main bank.

By using Adjust cohorts and in-app event tracking, Current’s marketing team is able to track performance and spot check campaigns to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Current uses Adjust’s KPI Service and raw data to plug into their business intelligence stack. From there, the attribution and in-app event data they receive build the foundation of Current’s analysis and optimization. With Adjust insights, they’ve created in-app events that help predict when a user will enable direct deposit, so they can project which sources are most likely to bring in the most valuable users.

The Solution

Leveraging Adjust data to move beyond last touch

One inventive way Current leverages Adjust raw data is to cross-check their attribution. Current cross-references Adjust’s attribution data with inapp surveys of their users that ask how they heard about Current. By comparing and cross-referencing the data together, Current can gain deeper insights into converting touches, understanding whether or not they were the last touch.

While last touch is invaluable for determining cost and ROAS, being able to determine that other touches actually drove the install gives another layer of insight into the user journey. As such, Current is able to use these insights to further optimize their campaigns - effectively gaining the same kinds of insights a multi-touch model would give without actually having to build it.

The Results

A single source of truth to scale their business

Adjust insights have been a driving force for Current - they’ve helped the company:

  • Grown 10x as a business in a year
  • Scaled their push notification marketing with custom in-app events
  • Built custom multitouch analysis using raw data from Adjust