How ad optimization can give you better user engagement

dailyme TV knew their post-onboarding lock-in factor was high: users who completed the process stayed engaged. They needed to find out which ad formats and campaigns were delivering these high value users – so they worked with Adjust to optimize their campaigns to a 43% increase in video views, seven days after install.

You'll learn how DailyMe:

  1. Optimized their ad sources to to a 13% lift in onboarding completion
  2. Tied all post-install activities to a user's source campaign with in-app events
  3. Used cohort analysis to compare performance over time and identify key user trends

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Installs are nice, but they don’t matter when you’re working with a high-engagement product such as ours. That’s just a foot in the door. To properly evaluate which partners and campaigns are bringing in the right users, we need to know more than just volume: we need to know they perform.

Gunnar Böke, Head of Marketing and Business Development, dailyme
Daily Me TV App & Adjust Case Study

dailyme TVis TV you can enjoy on-the-go: their free TV app enables users to watch TV highlights and online videos free of charge, regardless of the user’s location. The user compiles their personal program from a large collection of high-quality movies, shows and series. As soon as the device is connected to WiFi, current episodes are updated automatically.

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