Case Study: Kokoro Kids

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Increased registration by 27%

Decreased CPI by 30%

3x DAUs within the same time period

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About Kokoro Kids

Created in 2017 by a team of experts in early education and neuropsychology, Kokoro Kids is an educational app designed to help kids from two to six years old develop crucial cognitive skills through game-based learning. With "play to learn" as their motto, Kokoro Kids offers fun activities that target skills such as logic, memory, attention, and perception and often complement the school curriculum.

Kokoro Kids has been downloaded over 120,000 times, and uses artificial intelligence to build a highly personalized learning itinerary for each child. The initial games assess the child's skill level in different areas. This allows the app to assign the most appropriate content at the right time at varying levels of difficulty.

The Challenge

One of Kokoro Kids' key focuses is acquiring new users and building a larger community, while also increasing engagement rates and revenue. For a comprehensive user acquisition (UA) strategy, it is essential to learn what users want from the app, which are most valuable, and to properly determine the marketing budget and cost metrics.

Initially, Kokoro Kids struggled to identify the right target audience and the best channels to reach them. To better understand the audience and decide how much to invest in each channel, they needed to test the performance of UA campaigns. They also needed to put a solid creative testing methodology in place to find out which are the best creatives for different audiences. However, Kokoro Kids didn't have a clear idea of the effective cost per install (eCPI) and subsequently, couldn’t calculate the return on ad spend (ROAS). Without this information they couldn't accurately check which campaigns were effective or bringing in the most users and driving revenue.

When you're scaling a mobile app, acquiring new users is only half the battle - converting and retaining them is another challenge. Kokoro Kids discovered that although the cost per acquisition (CPA) was high for users coming through specific channels, they didn't register and stay on the app. As a data-driven company, it was vital for them to balance CPA and retention rates. But without an attribution and analytics provider like Adjust, they found it challenging to measure success and make intelligent marketing decisions.

"Thanks to the data provided by Adjust, we were able to find out that the users that we were capturing through one of the channels had worse retention than the others. This allowed us to improve our user acquisition in that channel."

Carles Pons

The Solution

With Adjust Measure, they can now track all user touchpoints before and after conversion, not just installs. Having accurate and reliable data at hand has empowered them to drastically improve their UA by optimizing campaigns and measuring KPIs that are most relevant to them. More importantly, they investigated why their users don't stay on the app and improved their retention strategy. A primary focus of Kokoro Kids’ use of Measure has been to increase the d1, d15 and d30 retention of users..

By utilizing Audience Builder, Kokoro Kids built dynamic, custom audience segments and targeted ads to the right users. After finding out which audiences to target, they tested different creatives for different audiences and optimized the onboarding flow. This led to a massive increase in registration and a significant decrease in CPI.

"Adjust helped us to understand the retention funnel, how it interfaces with the different campaigns. We can now improve our decision process for campaigns.”

Carles Pons

The Result

Kokoro Kids decided to work with Adjust because of the competitive pricing plan and data analysis on a granular level. After using Adjust's products, they got deeper insights into their audience, creatives, and campaigns. Now, they've invested more in acquisitions, increased user lifetime value (LTV), and boosted their company growth.

Kokoro Kids' efforts with Adjust resulted in:
  • 27% increase in registrations
  • 30% decrease in CPI
  • 3x DAUs within the same time period

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