Analyzing and optimizing performance with Adjust tracker URLs

Seriously needed to be able to analyze their data quickly, considering multiple aspects of performance – conversion as well as long-term engagement – and for the varying creatives, campaigns and messages of each channel. By working with Adjust they were able to consistently and comparably track each marketing channel, allowing them to scale the channels that were delivering them the highest-performing results – all thanks to Adjust tracker URLs.

You'll learn how Seriously:

  1. Leveraged their data for a 38% improvement of 7-day retention
  2. Targeted users for a 20% increase in session length
  3. Strategically unified marketing channels for improved overviews of their touchpoints

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The partner setup takes me two seconds - it’s one click in the dashboard, and I’ve got a new segment for a new partner. Since the network integration is handled entirely by the network, it’s completely frictionless.

Juha Matikainen, General Manager Finland, Seriously
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Seriously is a mobile-first entertainment start up focused on building mobile games designed to develop into global entertainment properties. The company’s world-class creative team is passionate about great storytelling, unique characters, dramatic conflict, unlikely heroes and building brands that can make a difference.

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