The complete guide to mobile app marketing

Together with industry partners App Annie, Criteo, InMobi, Remerge, and Vungle, Adjust's Complete Guide to Mobile App Marketing is an all-inclusive resource for marketers in every vertical, from beta to first launch to lifetime value. We've now released the first 5 chapters, but sign-up here for future ones!
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What's inside?

As a mobile app marketer, you can easily get lost in the intricacies and depth of mobile app marketing. With the help of some of the most prominent players in the mobile ecosystem, we've assembled the Complete Guide to Mobile App Marketing, with the belief that a little support goes a long way in taking your app to the top of the charts. From the basics of user acquisition and App Store Optimization (ASO) to the fine tuning of targeted retention campaigns, every page is straight from an industry leader's playbook on how to make the most of your marketing initiatives.

App discoverability or App Store Optimization is the ongoing process of testing and measuring updates to app store marketing assets with the goal of increasing visibility and driving more downloads. In this chapter App Annie will share the most important aspects of ASO as well as useful tips to get started.

When talking about user acquisiton, building a highly engaged user base should be the ultimate goal for any app marketer. In this chapter, InMobi will walk you through how understanding the target audience can help decide the right mix of offline and online ad spends.

Creative optimization is often described as a test and learn strategy designed to enhance the user experience and maximize the user LTV. In this chapter, Vungle will dive into the do's and don'ts of developing, implementing and evaluating creatives to best achieve your development goals.

User retention is a metric that shows you how well users are engaged with your app. Measuring retention creates an opportunity to grow a devoted user base and increase revenue and LTV for the app. In this chapter, Criteo will cover the essentials, from how to set up the most effecient strategy to the most important KPIs to monitor.

App retargeting is a powerful way to maintain or reestablish your users’ interest and to get them back into your app. With targeted messaging and tailored CTAs, app retargeting can effectively drive new interactions. With proven results at a cost lower than that of acquiring new users, retargeting makes a great addition to your overall marketing strategy.

When discussing app marketing success, mobile attribution stands out as an essential cog in the mobile measurement wheel. In short, it provides a holistic overview of how users behave from the moment they see an ad, to the end of their interactions with it. With this chapter, Adjust will break down the main attribution challenges and how to master them.

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