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Give yourself the gift of Mindful Mobile Engagement, and bring mindfulness to your mobile campaigns and create meaningful relationships that your customers love.

In this conversation, mobile marketing experts from Adjust, MoEngage, and top-ranked dating app, S'More will show you how to turn customer love into long-lasting relationships, and how to utilize data and insights to help you understand your customers at a deeper level, and turn your mobile engagement campaigns into uniquely personalized experiences at scale!

The event will also feature a guided meditation session led by mindfulness expert Devon Pipars. In this brief but powerful guided meditation, Devon will help you connect with the present moment and transition into the rest of your day with intention. After bringing your attention back to the present moment using simple mindfulness techniques, Devon will lead you in setting a clear intention for the day ahead, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

Things you can expect to learn from this session

  • "Love at first sight" - Acquisition and Onboarding - Create a holistic customer view and get all the insights you need to make a lasting first impression with your mobile campaigns and beyond

  • "Getting to Know Each Other" - Engagement - Celebrate what makes each customer unique with relevant communications that turn your mobile campaigns into uniquely personalized experiences

  • "Happily Ever After" - Growth and Loyalty - Commit to being the most loyal brand to your customers! As your relationship keeps evolving, your customers' needs and preferences change! Continue to surprise your customers with immersive brand experiences and keep exceeding their expectations with mobile marketing campaigns that matter

Irmina Myszkowska

Sr Product & Marketing manager, MoEngage

Sneha Ramachandran

Head of Operations & Performance Marketing, S'More

Kelsey Duska

Product Marketing Manager, Adjust

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