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Adjust is a Premier Partner in the Adobe Exchange Program

Adobe’s Exchange Partner Program is designed specifically for highly complementary, best-in-class solutions.

Adjust's platform includes measurement, fraud prevention, cybersecurity and marketing automation products.

We make marketing simpler, smarter and more secure for more than 100,000 apps working with us.

“As customer activity shifts along with the pandemic, advertisers are facing greater challenges connecting mobile marketing spend to app revenue and customer lifetime value.”

Cody Crnkovich

Head of Platform Partners and Strategy, Adobe

Here’s how Adjust can help you achieve more:

In-app and cross-platform analytics from click to LTV

Pinpoint your most valuable partners, ads, emails, and deals - whether they come from desktop, mobile, tablet, CTV, or even TV. Adjust’s measurement and engagement tools enable you to drill down into hourly data trends, so you can keep investing in the right channels.

Measure the impact of subscriptions

Adjust is the only solution that lets you combine subscriptions and mobile attribution data for effective campaign optimization - leverage deep marketing insights to reduce churn, increase subscribers and secure renewals.

By measuring the entire subscription funnel, you can build the most accurate Lifetime Value models and increase ROI.

Make more informed, targeted marketing decision

With four levels of campaign granularity, you’ll have unprecedented insight into the user paths that drive the highest KPIs. Adjust lets you plug into 3,000 marketing partners around the world, and you can filter the data directly in your Adobe dashboard.

You’ll always know which channels to optimize so you can continue to drive significant, sustainable growth for your business.

Safeguard your budget, data, app experience and brand

The Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite proactively stops performance fraud from draining your ad budgets and ruining your data sets.

You’ll only ever base your decisions on the most accurate insights possible, and you can guarantee that it is protected by the most rigorous privacy standards in the world.

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