Maximize your revenue and make smarter data-driven decisions

Tap into the gold mine of user-level insights

Boost LTV and keep your best players engaged

Optimize your spend on CPA and CPI campaigns

Trust your data by cutting out mobile ad fraud

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Trusted by over 100,000 apps worldwide

Unleash the power of your campaigns with world class attribution, automation and protection

Find out where your most valuable gamers come from

Never miss a user or your chance to connect with them. Locate your best users no matter where they come from - organic, social or paid campaigns. Plug into 2,000+ partners around the world, then filter your results into a single dashboard.

Optimize gameplay with robust in-app analytics

Leverage the most advanced cohort reporting on the market, so you can invest in the messages that bring you the most value. There are no limits as to what is included in the cohort: look at event-based or user-based cohorts, drill down by campaign, country, device type and more.

Save time and do more with automation

Save time from going in and out of several dashboards to analyze your marketing performance with Adjust’s Control Center. Access all necessary campaign data in a single view so you can make actionable decisions like changing bids and budgets directly from your dashboard.

Maximize your CPMs, ROAS, and unlock new user groups

Ad Whales are out there making you a lot of money. We’re here to help you identify who they are so you can keep them coming back with the right marketing methods and creatives. With User Level Ad Revenue tracking, you can build segments of ad whales to maximize CPMs.

Stop ad fraud so you can trust your data sets

Our Fraud Prevention Suite is the only solution that comprehensively and proactively prevents performance fraud from draining your budgets. We immediately reject the purchases, all while providing you with clean data sets to make accurate decisions about your business.

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"Given that data essentially drives our day to day decisions, it’s really important to have a trustworthy attribution partner. By partnering with Adjust, not only are we able to leverage the data they help us collect, but we can slice and dice it in a manner that’s actionable."

Winnie Wen

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