We’re pleased to announce the newest member of our attribution SDKs - the Adjust SDK for Flutter.

We’ve upgraded our click injection filter by utilizing Google’s `install_begin` timestamp, which was made available in the new Google Play Referrer API.

We’ve added a new filter to the dashboard, which allows clients to more easily compare different markets’ performances.

Facebook has introduced a host of new standard events, in order for clients to better understand app engagement. Find out more, here.

Adjust has teamed up with Facebook to send app event information that can be used for targeting, optimization, and measurement.

Our latest blacklisting feature gives you the ability to stop campaigns set on fraudulent sources.

In this latest update we’ve created the ability for users to sort their events manually.

A new update allows our module partners to receive callbacks on campaigns set up with self-attributing networks.

Many of our clients have been asking for the ability to track Facebook Pixel events with Adjust’s SDK. With this update, this is now possible.