Today we’re happy to announce the release of another level of user tracking: impression-based fingerprinting.

We’ve built out new support to allow our clients to track users who install apps within iMessage.

We’re rolling out view-through (impression-based) attribution for your mobile app install campaigns on Google AdWords.

Clients who’ve activated uninstall and reinstall tracking will now be able to receive matching advertising IDs.

We’ve added three improvements to Campaign Wizard, creating additional functionality for our clients.

An update to our placeholders now lets partners and clients know if a user has been previously reattributed or not from any callback.

An update to our placeholders has unlocked {region} functionality - enabling our clients to receive more information from their callbacks.

We’re announcing a small update to what you can do with your Apple Search Ads campaigns.

A new filter now allows you to view a partner’s performance across their various properties.