As the number of apps we track increases, so does the length of our tracker tokens, from six figures to seven.

We’ve updated our dashboard with a small feature that could have a big impact on impression tracking for your campaigns.

Take a look at our new partnership announcement with Tencent Social Ads. Tencent owns the largest user base in China, and as such, they are an extremely valuable platform to work with.

Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added a new tool to our Fraud Prevention Suite. Our latest filter is designed to fight click injections, a fraud scheme that has grown to a significant level and multiplied in viciousness over the past year.

With the new Adjust Signature, we’ve created a robust system designed to stop hackers. From now on, we’re making use of a more complex signature that you can set up in your dashboard to bring you the ultimately security from traffic spoofing.

We recently told you that you weren’t getting the full picture when it comes to LTV. Today, we’re happy to announce our new attribution source filter, which will finally provide you with your user’s native LTV.

​With the release of SDK 4.12, Adjust will now offer attribution for third-party app stores. This is big news for the Chinese market, where third-party stores rule a competitive, contested market.

Today we'd like to announce a new special partner: Naver, the number one search engine operating in Korea.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Today we’re pleased to announce a few new surprises, all wrapped up together with the launch of our SDK 4.12 for iOS, Android and Windows.