Today we’re releasing a couple of improvements to our callbacks, which create a new way for you to utilize your Adjust data.

Our former forget device testing endpoints will be deprecated on November 10th. Our new Adjust for Developers API will cover all of your testing needs.

With the release of iOS 11 we’ve made a small tweak to our iOS SDK to compensate for the different way iOS was built before this new version.

Take a look at our release notes for Instant Reattribution, here.

We’ve updated our testing API, which means you don’t always need to login to your Adjust dashboard to do your testing. Find out more, here.

A new security feature introduced in iOS 10.3 has created a fractured user experience. Below we take a brief look at the problem, and how we've worked to solve it.

We've improved the way that we work with Snapchat's API. Now you're able to receive data at the creative level, adding a fourth new set of data to the three you already had access to (those being network, campaign and adgroup.)

Back in May, we announced that Google launched a brand new API with their App Attribution Partner program, giving app developers a new way to integrate with AdWords campaigns.

Today is a hallmark day for us at Adjust, we deprecated our very first dashboard from 2012 - - a few weeks ago, and today we’re excited to introduce a brand new dashboard with enhanced UI –