A new security feature introduced in iOS 10.3 has created a fractured user experience. Below we take a brief look at the problem, and how we've worked to solve it.

We've improved the way that we work with Snapchat's API. Now you're able to receive data at the creative level, adding a fourth new set of data to the three you already had access to (those being network, campaign and adgroup.)

Back in May, we announced that Google launched a brand new API with their App Attribution Partner program, giving app developers a new way to integrate with AdWords campaigns.

Today is a hallmark day for us at Adjust, we deprecated our very first dashboard from 2012 - adjust.com/myapps - a few weeks ago, and today we’re excited to introduce a brand new dashboard with enhanced UI – dash.adjust.com.

Campaign Wizard gives you complete customization of your tracker level attribution settings, right down to the ad group level. Find out more about the new release, here.

Have you ever wanted to send your users on a journey that the last-click attribution model wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate?

In advance of an exciting new release, we've altered the structure of some parts of the dashboard. Here's a quick rundown of what's changed - just so you know that they're all intentional, and in advance of a big update. Read more, here.

For all your clicks, installs and attributions, you can now receive a much larger amount of information in your callbacks. This update, known as dynamic callback parameters, can help power your data collection in a whole new way. Find out what this means in our latest product update.

Available as an extended trial to all of our clients until the end of September 2017, Audience Builder contains three new functions that our clients are really excited about. If you'd like to know more about the details, read on.