Charts, tables, and drill-down reports can now be grouped by regions.

We promised, and so shall ye receive: the Adjust dashboard now includes full group-by options for hourly data. Every graph, chart and report in the dashboard now has a brand new ‘Group By’ option, and while we were at it, we snuck in the options for daily, weekly, and monthly data as well.

This is Mobile Measurement 2.0. Find out about our big new update here.

Retention rates in the Adjust platform have just been updated to better reflect retention of users from timezones that significantly diverge from UTC. From today onwards, we will instead define a ‘day’ of retention as a 24-hour period starting at the original time of install. This new definition, being timezone-agnostic, is a more comparable and accurate metric to benchmark against varying userbases globally.

On Thursday February 9th, we’ll enable callbacks for ad impressions – meaning you can get a full, real-time sync of all the impressions measured by Adjust, and the performance of the ad campaigns that generated those impressions. If you’re already using callbacks, you might want to set up a filter – read more in this post.

You can now control which users have access to revenue data within their Adjust dashboards. This new feature is handy when you’re inviting agencies or partners to work with you on your Adjust dashboard, without revealing core company metrics.

You’re not always just distributing your apps via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. With adjust’s new tool, you can generate targeted tracking versions of your app for each of these stores or preinstall campaigns. This lets you see how many users each App Store delivers to your app, how engaged they are compared to each other, how well they retain, how often they convert to paying users, and all of the other analysis you’re already getting from adjust.

Today we’ve released a brand new SDK for React Native - the latest framework to be added to our list of supported environments. The React Native SDK is a fully-featured packaging of the iOS and Android SDKs.

With the new Tracker Wizard tool, you’re now able to quickly and painlessly create tracker links, and more!