We’ve been working closely with Google to set up a new module for the updated app conversions API. Find out more in this post!

​Last week, Adjust suffered the worst outage since its founding: find out what happened, and the steps we took to fix it, here.

You can now include the cohort size in your Cohort Analysis dashboards and reports. It’s a very handy KPI because it is the base of many important KPI calculations like sessions per user, retention rate, retained users, retention rate of paying users and so on.

​Using our Testing Console just got easier with the release of our Insights app on both Android​​ & iOS​. The Adjust Insights app does one thing, and it does it well: when you open it on your device, it will show your applicable advertising IDs, like the IDFA or Google Play Store ADID. With the app, you can easily plug your IDs into our available APIs or Testing Console for testing or analytics.

Our new Product Updates are here: a dedicated feed to keep you up-to-date as soon as new features and changes are released.

As the first international measurement platform, Adjust now supports native measurement in China.

Testing your marketing campaigns, or triple-checking a new app feature? We’ve integrated our device inspection tools into the dashboard to make that easier for everyone. With the Testing Console, you can pull up all of Adjust’s data on your device right from the dashboard.

Impressions (or views) will be counted and displayed in your dashboard as standard moving forward. Find out more above.

Charts, tables, and drill-down reports can now be grouped by regions.