We’ve built out new support to allow our clients to track users who install apps within iMessage.

Adjust clients are now able to run cross-promotional iOS campaigns which include LAT users with a new method that does not rely on fingerprintin

We’ve made a small update to our placeholders in response to new parameters created by Apple.

With the release of iOS 11 we’ve made a small tweak to our iOS SDK to compensate for the different way iOS was built before this new version.

A new security feature introduced in iOS 10.3 has created a fractured user experience. Below we take a brief look at the problem, and how we've worked to solve it.

Apple Search Ads are now available to all app developers. Find out more in this post

Universal Links for iOS were launched by Apple with iOS 9, and allows you to specify just how your app mirrors a mobile website. With Universal Links, users browsing content on your mobile website can be seamlessly redirected into your app, if it is available.

We’re excited to announce that not only are we integrated with iAd, but that there’s no extra setup needed to sync up your iAd data with your adjust account...

We're excited to announce that iTunes Analytics is now integrated within your Adjust dashboard...